"Education For Children Who Living In the Street"

"Education For Children Who Living In the Street"

We Can help Polar Bear

Did you know that most of the 1000/year hunt is legal and condoned by those supposedly responsible for keeping polar bears safe in the face of climate change and an uncertain future? And that the community of stakeholders is covering up the facts, disguising the numbers, manipulating the picture, in order to safeguard commercial interests rather than polar bears?

Would you like to do something to change this?

I have written a book documenting the reality of failed polar bear conservation. The book will be published late April 2015. The more help I get with the financing, the wider the message can get out. This will hopefully be the beginning of a worldwide campaign to save polar bears.

In this impassioned book Morten raises very important, provocative questions that are not being addressed by the international environmental groups. Questions we must pay attention to lest the legacy of our generation be one of being forewarned without acting in the face of species extinction.

What is the problem?

Polar bears are threatened from many sides. Most people think that the only really big problem they face are the effects of climate change. This myth is being perpetuated by almost all the persons and institutions who have a say in polar bear matters. But in the meantime, a completely unsustainable and anachronistic hunting regime is being allowed to continue. Polar bears are indeed facing extinction. But it is not because of global warming alone - it is because that while global warming continues, we are allowing them to be shot out!

It is quite simple: The numbers do not add up. There are possibly fewer than 20.000 polar bears in the world today, their recruitment rate is almost certainly less than 4% per year, and yet we purposefully shoot about 5% of them per year. Polar bears are knowingly and systematically being extirpated.

A convergence of interests leads to this being condoned by the majority of the polar bear nations, Inuit leaders, elite scientists, polar bear managers, and our largest conservation NGOs. The precautionary principle is not applied to polar bear management, and there is no arms-length principle between hunters, managers, scientists and politicians. Conservation efforts are symbolic at best and totally insufficient.

Even without the hunt, the species survival chances in the wild are on thin ice. Every individual living polar bear increases the survival chances of the species. Every dead polar bear is worth nothing.

By supporting the production and distribution of my book, you will be supporting efforts to make a change. To expose the current failed management scenario and raise an appeal for those in charge to change the policies. If the truth is not told, and if it is not known by the public, the polar bears will slowly but surely disappear. If together we demand action and change, we can still save them.

What I Need & What You Get?

Your help in getting this book produced and distributed as widely as possible is very important. The book has been written, it has been designed, it is being printed. It will also be made available as an e-book.

The difference lies in the distribution. The budget of this campaign is based on getting the first 1000 copies out to media and other relevant parties. It will be sent initially to major news outlets in all of the Arctic nations and a few other large nations. It will also be sent to the main offices of major environmental NGOs such as WWF, Greenpeace, IFAW, Traffic, IUCN, CAFF and others. The book is expected to be available internationally to the general public directly from the author (ursmar2015@gmail.com), and via Nozomojo.com, the publisher (spitsbergen-svalbard.com), NHBS.com, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and iTunes.com - and possibly other outlets.

A bit more about the book

This book explores the minefields between the many lobby groups, from Inuit hunters to conservation institutions to governments, and it explores the failures to adhere to international agreements and conventions. This book is an eye-opener and should kick off extensive debates.

 Dr. Thor S. Larsen, professor emeritus, member of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group 1968-85

"Polar Bears on the Edge" reveals several interesting and worrying realities that most people do not know about.

In the first chapter of the book, I reach the conclusion that polar bears were previously more numerous than is generally described, putting the current demise of the species into an even darker perspective than that usually envisioned. I also document that the current polar bear management community is rather systematically covering up the protection and conservation failures by manipulation the numbers, both the historical ones and the current ones.

An example spread from the book

In the second chapter, the direct human destruction by shooting every year of about 1000 polar bears is put into perspective. Alongside all the other human-caused stress to polar bears, this hunting scenario is documented here to be the one major threat to polar bears that could immediately be changed if there was enough will to do so.

In the third chapter of the book, the claimed successful conservation and management of polar bears is pulled apart, country by country and sub-population by sub-population, to reach the clear but sad conclusion that polar bear conservation is non-existents the bears are being hunted out of existence.


In the fourth chapter of the book, the commercialization of polar bears, how they have been and are being reduced to commodities, to money-makers, to rugs is described, but also how this commercialization of the species is corrupting even those who do not stand to gain directly from the hunting and trading. The chapter describes the scandal that allows the continuation of international trading in polar bear body parts, that allows the continuation of trophy hunting, and that allows the continuation of rampant poaching in some areas.

The books fifth chapter is an analyses of the complexities and paradoxes of modern Inuit identity and how this is being used and abused by polar bear stakeholders for individual gain and political status quo, instead of changing our policies to safeguard the bears.

After so many rather depressing and negative conclusions, the final chapter of the books concludes what the actual state of polar bear management is on a worldwide scale, but also finds that there are actually ways out of this situation. A long string of very clear and precise recommendations for immediate action are listed at the end, giving everyone from hunters to politicians, managers to scientists, as well as any concerned citizen anywhere, an opportunity to decide, act - and make a difference.



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We Can help Polar BearDid you know that most of the 1000/year hunt is legal and condoned by those supposedly responsible for keeping polar bears safe...

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